Crazy Time

Overwhelming emotions in the online game Crazy Time. Goosebumps guaranteed! Wheel of Fortune, gives you chances to win cash. You will meet a magnificent croupier, who rotates the money wheel, consisting of 54 sectors.
Use your intuition to achieve the main goal and guess the sector while the wheel is still spinning . Guaranteed fairness - 100%, no neural network algorithms! Your personal luck and the theory of probability on your side to help!

"Live Casino" is the most exciting genre of this game. You will find yourself in another reality where risk, luck and bets rule!

This site is designed to give you unforgettable emotions from Crazy Time.

Millions of people are already thrilled by Crazy Time, it is popular and highly rated amongst online casino’s games.

You will get a bonus! There’s a slot in a video format on top of the game, make sure you try your luck! Crazy Time offers a host to play with, who recreates an incredible real casino’s vibe.

Enjoy our extra mini-games, that you can find in various sectors. Beware of big winnings for those who dare!

 The return percentage is quite high - 96,08

The highest bet is 1,000, and the minimum cost of spinning the reels is 0.1
Bonus games offer multipliers up to x25000
This machine has Jackpot

The slot has 4 bonus games

You can bet on all sectors, then the chance to win more

Pros and cons of Crazy Time

  • Payouts in Crazy Time slot is different in a larger way than in other slots;
  • There is an online chat room to communicate with the other players and the host;
  • Original gameplay
  • Impressive bonus games
  • Spectacular visuals and atmosphere of the game
  • At the beginning of the slot there is a betting multiplier or additional mini-games;
  • You can bet on all sectors, so the chance of winning is greater;
  • High percentage of RTP (96.08%).
  • Volatility is high
  • Emotional game

You can choose a suitable strategy from the ones presented below.

Note that in Crazy Time slot the chance to win more and reduce the risk by betting on a few or all sectors of the money wheel.

1. Strategy "ride slowly, ride farther".

If you don't want to take risks and fear for a loss, this strategy will work for you.

In this case, the right thing to do is to increase your winnings accurately in small increments. Consequently, you will be able to increase the size of the deposit, but unfortunately you will not win big money.

What is the advantage? The chance of winning on sectors x1, 2 and 5 is 80%. P means that in 2 out of 3 we have the possibility to get back the minimum bet.

At the top there is a video format sector multiplier, which will allow to earn a certain amount of winnings. Consequently increase the game account from x2 to x14. This is how Crazy Time allows us to play.

It is worth noting that it will take longer and should be played with caution. However, with minimal risk we will get an increase in the deposit and an incredible pleasure of playing Crazy Time.

2. The strategy "Risk equals income".

The goal is to place the minimum bet on the maximum number of sectors in order to win. This strategy of playing Crazy Time at online casino 1win or Pin-Up is suitable for those who have enough money on the balance of the gaming account. Note that most losses will cover small winnings.

This Crazy Time strategy is designed for a lot of bets, which will lead to an increased chance of getting a bonus game. What do bonus games provide? Bonus games give an opportunity for multipliers up to x25000. Consequently, they pay back all of the money invested up to that point.

We conclude that this is a more risky, and therefore more nervous strategy than the previous option. However, it should be noted that the winnings here are quite high.

3. Strategy "He who does not take risks, does not drink champagne".

If you are a true favorite of fortune, this strategy is definitely for you. This strategy is suitable for those who can afford it. For those who are 100% sure of a large amount on their account and are not afraid of the risks.

Betting exclusively on bonus games is a fairly large amount of money. For you, spending on small sector deposits is not an option. Huge bets are huge winnings, but also high risk, which you love.

Rely on your swayed intuition and win. Your senses don't let you down.

Conclusion on the strategies in the game Crazy Time

The choice is yours! Above are the different strategies for winning real money on any budget. Thank you for choosing our casinos and we wish everyone a good Crazy time online casino game. Win and have fun.

Frequently asked questions about Crazy Time

What is the RTP of Crazy Time?


What is the minimum bet in Crazy Time?


What is the maximum bet in Crazy Time?


Is there an online chat room in the game Crazy Time?

Of course, it is possible to communicate with other players and the host of the game. Read the rules for chatting in the game Crazy Time: no obscene language and no flooding.

What is the point of statistics in the game interface?

You can see the results of the extreme rounds of the Crazy Time game, where you can see the size of the winnings.

What does the game number mean?

The game number in Crazy Time is a unique identifier of the game round. For example, number #22:01:01 means the beginning of the game round in GMT (hours:minutes:seconds).

In case you want to contact the support service with a question concerning a certain game round, you should use this game number.

Read more about the multi-game mode in Crazy Time?

This is a unique opportunity to play at multiple tables simultaneously in a single browser window.

Is there an option in Crazy Time to play automatically?

Crazy Time has the ability to play automatically. There is an autoplay mode. It erect save a previously made bet for a certain number of rounds of the game. Just set the bets in the betting grid and press the "Autoplay" button.

What is the number of bonus games in Crazy Time?

4 bonus games in Crazy Time:

* 1 Crazy Time.

* 2 Pachinko

* 3 Cash Hunt

* 4 Coin Flip