• Release - 2020:
  • The theme - Live Casino;
  • Minimum bet - 0.1;
  • Maximum bet - 1000;
  • The maximum multiplier of a video slot - x50
  • Maximum multiplication per bet: x20000
  • RTP (Return Percentage) - 96.08%
  • Autostart option - yes
  • Volatility - high
  • Online chat - yes
  • Jackpot - yes;
  • Bonus games - 4
  • Available on PC, Smartphones.

Quick instruction on how to play Crazy Time in online casinos

1. Choose a casino and enter the game

Click on the button of your chosen casino: "Play Crazy Time Pin-Up or "Play Crazy Time 1win". You are given a huge money wheel, which is spun by the host and leads the bonus games.

2. Place your bets.

Choose your chip value at the bottom of the screen. You have 8 betting options. Choose one and play or you can choose all. There are specific buttons for this. 3.

The game starts, the money wheel spins, and the multipliers are set.

In each game the croupier spins the money wheel. Participants at this point make their bets and the game begins. The game multiplier is set for a particular betting option. When the money wheel stops on a particular option, the multiplier is activated.

4. Get your winnings

When the money wheel stops on a certain number, the participants who won receive money. If the money wheel stops on the bonus sector, you can start the bonus game. In case you bet on a certain bonus, you have the opportunity to play the bonus game. In case you did not bet on the bonus game, you remain in the role of an observer.

5. Quick Payouts

The game has come to an end and you have the opportunity to withdraw the payout to your account. And now you can play Crazy Time slot again in your chosen online casino.

The basic rules of the game Crazy Time at online casinos

The rules in the game Crazy Time are quite simple and clear. It is worth remembering the following facts about the game:

1. The money wheel consists of 8 sectors.

2. There are two groups: winning multipliers and mini-games. The multipliers of the game are marked x1, x2, x5, x10. There are 4 mini-games: Crazy Time, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko.

3. You have 3 betting variants: you can bet on one sector, you can bet on all sectors, or you can bet on the sectors you choose. Your task is to adjust the bet amount of each sector. And the smaller multipliers fall out more often.

4. After the money wheel stops, the players whose bet was guessed win and receive a payout.

You can play as an observer and learn the rules of Crazy time. You will be able to understand the principles and features of the game, which will make your game more effective. Unlike other games, Crazy Time has no demo version, so being an observer is a great opportunity.

Additional features and bonuses of Crazy Time at online casinos

In a certain bonus sector there are additional mini-games. They can bring huge winnings. In Crazy Time slot there are 4 mini games:

1. Crazy time;

2. Coin Flip;

3. Pachinko;

4. Cash Hunt.

These games differ from each other by the number of sectors on the money wheel. Two sectors are Cash Hunt and Pachinko. Four of the sectors are Coin Flip, which increases the frequency of its fallout. The main bonus mini game is Crazy time and takes only one sector of the money wheel. The fall of this sector is real luck, as the probability of falling out is minimal, the amount of winnings is maximum.

So, let's take a closer look at each of the mini games:

Crazy Time

And let's start with the craziest mini game - Crazy Time. If you get this sector, you move to another room, where you can see the money wheel, which differs in size by several times. You are asked to choose one of the three marks at the top of the money wheel. Your task is to make the right choice of tags to catch multipliers. The maximum bonus in the Crazy Time minigame is x20,000.


The second most important minigame is Pachinko. You can see a large number of protruding "checkers" on which the puck falls. If the puck falls on the multiplier, your bet will be multiplied. The maximum bonus in the Pachinko minigame is x10,000.

Cash Hunt

The third minigame is Cash Hunt. In this game you can see a field of 108 cells with random multipliers. In the allotted time you need to choose one of them. The cannon will shoot at the target of your choice. When it finishes, a beep will sound to determine the final amount. As a result, players will win with different multipliers. The maximum bonus in the Cash Hunt minigame is x25,000.

Coin Flip

And the fourth mini game is Coin Flip.

In this mini game you flip a "coin". You will see two circles of blue and red. These are used to determine the value of the winnings multiplier. The moderator throws the "coins". The win depends on the side of the coin. If a coin falls with the red side up, you get a red multiplier, and if it falls with the blue side, you get a blue multiplier. The default maximum multiplication is x100.

A separate bonus is the Slot in video format.

Multipliers of this format also increase the winnings in the bonus game. Here you can get huge winnings. And you can get them by playing Crazy Time slot at an online casino.